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Decentralizing Central Banks

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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 7:00 – 9:00, 15:00 – 21:00
Saturday 7:00 – 10:00
Sunday 7:00 – 10:00


Chiesaz, 8,
Ecublens - Switzerland

About Us

Welcome to GC-Bank

We can help you cross the digital divide, and give you access to cryptocurrencies. A crypto currency is much more than money, it is the flux of energy we human and all life forms exchange, it is the materialization of our infinite creating power. It is the transformative energy we direct toward our society problems, it re-create trust in the system, and is a mean to end corruption. it enables the regenerative and healing power of ourselves and the optimization of our existence within nature, and recovered harmony everywhere around. Modern currency can be tailored for your needs; and we just do that !

The CSAP program

### Crypto Seed Accountancy Platform The right way to bootstrap your business ... ## "All work will be rewarded" This is a investment to the future, we have a team already fully functional and we don't want the financial aspect to hold the execution of our project, so here is how we set things up: 1) each individual contribution to the team effort is acknowledge and is accounted for with a monetary creation, these minted cryptocurrencies called "seeds" are the measure of the energy and effort infused in the project. The monetary mass of these seeds represent the "work-already-done" in the startup and is directly linked to the future value of enterprise. 2) we open up this "work-done" for sale to investors which will get a convertible currency once the project hit the market. 3) this approach give a total confidence in the team where individual are not afraid anymore to get involve, as they know they will be recognized for their effort. 4) once the company makes some revenues, profit is distributed to the team according to their seeds balance, and each seeds is convertible into fiat money at the investment market price . Don't hesitate to CSAP your project ... [michelc@csap.ml](mailto:michelc@csap.ml) Now you can buy past or future work-hours on any projects run by our partners

Banking on blockchains

We are at a pivotal moment of the banking industry, when margin reach near zero, and capitalism is suffocating inefficiencies and corruption at their outrageous high levels Blockchain brings a breath of fresh air, with a high potential or optimizing the whole ecosystem The peer to peer approach of distributed technology bring a new level of resilience and security which has never been seen before this is the first time in history the we don't reply on a third party to secure the system. GC-Bank is the right partner to experiment with new financial products and tap into resources newly made available.

Micro and crowd financing

With distributed ledger we make financing available to area which were not reachable before, and more importantly we open the access to economic participation from any living being . enabling project from the roots and its communaute the reach of a p2p platform is just phenomenal.

Customized crypto currencies

Cryptocurrency is bringing us back to the equilibrium necessary to life. GC-bank can design a crypto with speculative features to a free currency with embedded universal dividends. It allows new form of accounting for pollution, of life energy and is therefore fundamental in financial crash prevention/avoidance. our crypto currency has the potential to re*dynamize healthy local economy. we are putting you in the middle of the trans-capitalism evolution where everything is not possible regain your financial sovereignty, you have access to precious economic nobs: monetary creation and destruction interest rates, you can fully optimize your ecosystem to perform at its best in total harmony with the universe. GC-bank is the partner to design a crypto for your community growth and engagement. we have renewable money, we have fair distribution coins, we have investment ones, all sort of participatory token, labels, certificates asset management, ledgers, voting token ... your imagination is not even the limit as we have launch the economy of our collective intelligence and our coins is (re)connecting us to form a beautiful collective human organism with infinite creative power. we have the expertise to really tune your cryptocurrencies to enable your businesss in a new abundance era.

crypto abundance


Learn about our blockRing™ technology (in French)

Our Team